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From The Successor of BHE

Dear BHE Fraternity & Sorority Supporters,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support we have received from each and every one of you during this difficult time. Your calls, text messages, letters, acknowledgments, and prayers have provided us with immense strength and comfort as we reflect on the life and legacy of our beloved founder, Mernistyne Rennette.

As we mourn the loss of our visionary leader, it is essential that we also honor her by carrying forward the vision she had for our fraternity and sorority. Mernistyne believed in the power of community service and its ability to positively impact the world. She dedicated her life to creating an organization that strives to reach the community and make a lasting difference.

With your continued support, we are committed to ensuring that Mernistyne's work and legacy live on. We will persistently strive to reach out to the community, making a meaningful impact through our community service initiatives and beyond. Your unwavering support inspires us to keep pushing forward, even in the face of adversity.

Once again, we would like to express our deepest gratitude for your support during this challenging time. Your encouragement and belief in our mission give us the strength to continue making a difference. Together, we will honor Mernistyne's memory and create a lasting impact on the world.

Thank you for standing by us, and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Warm regards,

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Welcome to Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority Incorporated

Established in 2021 by Mernistyne Rennette, Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority Incorporated is a Non-Profit, 501c3, tax exempt, Christian service sorority. This is not only a service sorority but it’s a movement and also a ministry. Our faith foundation is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe and stand on the Holy Bible, the infallible Word of God, without compromise. Our mission and desire is to help our communities by being present and involved in every aspect of one’s life by serving wherever we can assist. Our prayer is that we will be the epitome and example of being the “ Light of the World”  as Jesus Christ commanded. Through our community service, philanthropy and social activities, members often find the joy of being our sister’s and/or our brother’s keeper. 
We are a body of believers, called and chosen to establish the kingdom of God in the earth.  We realize that regardless of race, color or nationality that we are family. We stand United. We are to make a difference not only by giving someone a hand out, but also by equipping others and giving them a hand up!  Our goal and desire is to make an impact in the earth wherever we go to be of service. 
For more information about Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority Incorporated, it’s recruitment and  membership process, how to donate and/or how to get involved, please contact us by email, phone, text or the contact form below. 

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From The Founder, Visionary & CEO Mernistyne Rennette 

Greetings and welcome! 

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Founder and CEO of this exceptional and auspicious organization known as Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority and Fraternity Incorporated. We are the BEES!  Our Sorority and Fraternity consists of diverse and unique members. Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority and Fraternity Incorporated is not a club. It is a divine calling. The members are chosen and hand picked. The membership is exclusive. One must understand , embrace and be ready to work the vision that God has given. We believe in Jesus Christ and that the Holy Bible is the true Word of God! Our mission is to be the change that we want to see. 
Why Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority and Fraternity Incorporated? This assignment is a commission that I received from the throne room of Heaven. I heard the call and then I answered. The commission was “GO!” and I said “Yes! Send me. I’ll go!” 
More about me. In 2019, I was in a coma and on life support. The doctors told my family to place me in hospice or take me home to die comfortably amongst my loved one. After a period of time, my family decided that it was time to let me go because they knew that I wouldn’t want to suffer like that. Guess what? After being taken off of life support, I continued to breathe on my own. I received and became a living, breathing miracle. A testimony!!
After awakening from the coma, I later learned that I could no longer walk. My reality upon waking up was that I was now, officially, a battery operated woman and that I was going to be in a wheelchair. It was a humbling experience. It was in this place where the crushing took place and where God would pour the “oil”, the dreams and the visions into me. I accepted this place of the crushing. I accepted these events as my new reality, my new norm. I still said ,” YES GOD!” 
My family didn’t give up on me. They decided to take me to a different hospital for a second opinion. It was this hospital that the suffering intensified.  The suffering was a place of humility, I could do nothing for myself. I was at the mercy of others to care for me. It was during this time that God showed me how much we need each other. I had to have people to wipe my behind, clean my nose, feed me and to lift me into the wheelchair or onto the commode through a sling. It was through these selfless acts of kindness and outpouring of love from others that I recovered. The miracle continues. I can now walk. I’m no longer in a wheelchair. I even dance. I began to take salsa classes. Go figure. After these events, I made God a promise. I promised Him that I would tell at least one person per day about the life He restored to me. He gave me my life back! A life to serve! I promised that I would give back those acts of kindness wherever I can. This is why this organization was started. I know that I am a blessed woman. Now, I want to be a blessing and encouragement to others. Will you help me to give back? Will you help me to serve our communities? Will you help me to pay it forward? Our families and communities need us. Together, we can do this. 

Keep reading to learn more about us, and feel free to reach out with any questions. Thank you!

Grace and Peace be unto you, 
Queen Bee Mernistyne 🐝 🌻 

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🐝 🐝 What’s the buzz? Have you heard? The male BEE’s are here! The Drones! Are you ready? Let’s GO!!!


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The Bee, Sunflower, Honeycomb, Onyx Stone & Helping hands

Crest designed by Michael Jefferson 

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About Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority Incorporated

Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority, Inc. is a Non Profit, 501C3, tax exempt service organization that began in 2021, in a small suburb located near Chicago, Illinois. It was birthed during a time of great suffering as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. It was during this time that we realized the importance of working together and helping one another. As a group, we put our resources together in order to help where we could. This vision continues. 

Since inception, the goal of the Sorority has been one of service to the community. We also volunteer in our communities to provide service to a variety of families, agencies and organizations.

To learn more about the Sorority, email us at or call 815-501-1416


Mernistyne Rennette 

Founder and CEO 

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Minister Parnell Wilson Smith Memorial scholarship

Mr. Parnell Smith was the oldest of 3 children. He was a father of 6 children as well as a Papa to 13 grandchildren. He was educated in the school system of Chicago, Illinois and was a member of the Army for 7 years before being medically discharged. He was happily married to Darlene Brown Smith for 12 years before passing away on July 5, 2022. Parnell was a member of The Covenant Cathedral located in Jacksonville Florida for 11 years where he served as a Deacon and then a Minister. His passion was serving his leaders. He was head of the Armour Bearers as well as the Adjutant General for his Bishop.

Parnell loved his family especially his wife and grandchildren. He was a protector of all and he would give you the shirt off his back. His motto was “Commit And Follow Through” and that motto lives today with his family.

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Many are called & Few are Chosen. WE ARE THE CHOSEN!

Home: By invitation only!

Executive Board

Propelling Us Forward

We have the privilege of being led by exceptional individuals who have demonstrated the courage and flexibility needed to run our Sorority. Their leadership skills and areas of expertise will propel us forward to complete this God given, God breathed assignment.

Home: Executive Board

The Successor

Chief Operating Officer 


National Vice President 

Regional Director of Training and Development 


Assistant Director of Training and Development 

Director of Evangelism and recruitment 


National Secretary 

Fundraising Coordinator 


 Director of Planning and Special Events 

Brand Ambassador 


Conflict and Resolution Mediator

Organizational Treasurer 


Community Service Coordinator 

Sergeant at Arms


Founding Scripture #1

Founding Scripture #2.    Genesis 1:26


Certified Public Accountant 



BHE: We are a Christian based, Service Sorority. We are not a club. Our organization is exclusive and by invitation only!

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Contact Us

If you’d like to learn more about Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority Incorporated, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be more than happy to answer any questions, comments or concerns.

P.O.Box 22, Cortland, Illinois 60112 

(815) 501-1416

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Members are Hand-Picked

Thank you for your interest in learning more about Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority Incorporated. Our organization is exclusive and by invitation only! This Sorority attracts those who hear the call of God to serve, give back and pay it forward. Those who come have the drive and desire to positively impact the community. We come to serve and protect. We serve by giving back and we protect by praying and interceding for God’s people. 


There’s a buzz going around about some 🐝🐝? That’s right, the BEES are coming!!! Are you ready? Get ready!! The ladies have been interviewed. They have been selected, They are now of the Called and Chosen Ones. 
Now begins the preparation for the Founding line of Beta Eta Epsilon Sorority Incorporated. Do you want to be a part of this organization and ministry? Do you have the heart to serve? Are you ready to give back to our communities? Can you hear the call of God? Well now is the time to link up in the Spirit and be about our Father’s business. 
We are NOT a church! We are NOT a club. We ARE laborers in the kingdom of God. We stand on the Word of God without compromise. 

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